Bold timeline test - Sake Sommelier Academy®
Sake Sommelier Academy®  Bold timeline test

1. Choose your course

At the Sake Sommelier Academy, we offer the Certified Sake Sommelier via our online webinar.

2. Choose where to study

Find your closest accredited Partner School. Our Partners offer courses in a variety of languages and across different cultures to make learning easier for you.

3. Receive samples and notes

We make learning easy, with tasting samples mailed to your door and study notes emailed pre-course.

4. Study to become a Sake Sommelier

Now it’s time to learn! Your educator will teach you through an interactive webinar.

5. Take the Exam

Once you’ve learnt everything required for the course, It’ time to take the course exam! Your educator will explain everything you need to know and what to expect. Good luck!

6. Receive your certificate an lapel pin

Congratulations you are now a Sake Sommelier! You will receive your Certified Sake Sommelier certificate and lapel pin in the post!