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Welcome to the world of sake

The Introductory Sake Professional course is the first step to joining the Sake Sommelier world.

Designed to provide an entry into sake education without the commitment of a longer course, the Introductory Sake Professional provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts & beginners to expand their sake knowledge. Covering the basics of sake’s origins, serving etiquette and production, as well as an introduction to the differences between various types of sake.

This course includes a range of the finest sake available and students will earn their Introductory Sake Professional certification.

The Introductory Sake Professional course is a registered trademark ®


We are delighted to offer the Introductory Sake Professional course online. Our Sake Educators replicate the in-classroom experience with interactive video conferencing, tasting samples mailed to your door and study notes emailed pre-course.

We also offer the Introductory Sake Professional in person.


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