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Do you have an interest in sake but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to start your journey to becoming a sake expert but need basic knowledge to take the first step? Or do you just want to understand the difference between a hot sake and a cold one? Want do so at your own pace, in the convenience of your own home? Then our eLearning program is for you!

What you’ll get

When you enrol with us, you’ll recieve instant access to:

↪ Up to two weeks of learning materials

↪ Three core sections, fully voiced

↪ Comprehensive recap sessions per section

↪ End of course examinations

Plus, upon successful completion of the course you will also recieve:

↪ A certificate ready for download and printing

↪ Status as an online certified Sake Sommelier

Our e-Learning course is an accessible and easily approachable foundation level class; introducing you to the fascinating world of sake. Covering topics from “what is sake?” to “how it is made & how it can be enjoyed”. Our students learn valuable knowledge about sake to help them begin the path toward more advanced learning.

This is a beginner course; no prior knowledge of sake is required before the signing up.

All students can access the course on their computer and mobile devices, wherever they are, for up to 2 weeks after their registration – so there’s no need to complete it all at once!

The e-Learning course consists of 3 sections, each regarding a different topic and with a short recap test at the end of every section. Following this, there is an exam covering the entire course. The recap tests and the exam can be retaken multiple times in the two weeks, until the student is ready to pass.

Upon passing the e-Learning course, a completion certificate will be issued by the Sake Sommelier Association HQ and dispatched to you.
The Sake Foundation E-Learning course is the best way to prepare yourself for future SSA Courses. Delivered straight to your computer, the Foundation E-Learning course is designed to give students the first step on the path of their sake education. Whether you want a taster before deciding to book your first live program with one of our talented SSA Educators, or simply want to revise that extra bit before you turn up to your first class; the Foundation E-Learning Course allows you to bring the Sake Sommelier Association’s world-class education straight into your homes!

This online course includes a recap test at the end, which students have 2 weeks to pass. Upon passing, your Sake Foundation E-Learning certificate will be posted to your address.


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