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Sake Sommelier Academy®  China, Hong Kong (The Beverage Clique)

Sake Educator

Hong Kong

School: The Beverage Clique
Sake Educator: Sean Ou, DipWSET, CSW, CSS, FWS, CS
Social Media:  facebook  instagram  linkedin
Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier
Territory: Singapore, Hong Kong

Sean Ou, Master Sake Sommelier, previously conducted alcoholic beverage training for a reputable airline. His portfolio also includes wines and spirits consultation for F&B establishments and training for sommelier-ship. Recent accomplishments include: coming in as a semi-finalist of the 2015 Singapore National Sommelier Competition. He aspires to be a Master of Sake!

Sean, The Beverage Clique Educator


The Beverage Clique is a wine and spirits training consultancy that provides quality training needs for our clients in the hospitality and F&B trade. We also host corporate events, tasting sessions and masterclasses for the masses.