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Sake Educator: Venkadesh Thanga Mariappan
Email: sakesommelierme@gmail.com
Social Media:  facebook   instagram   linkedin
Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional

Venkadesh was awarded the Sake Sommelier of the Year in 2016, and took his title to the United Arab Emirates to spread his love and knowledge of sake there. Upon winning, Venkadesh said “It’s like a dream, but it is one of my lifetime achievements and the result of my hard work for two years. I fell in love with the Japanese sake a few years ago and it has become a passion in my life now. This competition is not easy and I am very pleased to be competing with some of the most talented and respected sake sommeliers in the world. It was very difficult to be focused and to find a balance between working full time and studying while keeping a healthy lifestyle”.

A few years later, Venkadesh was ready to begin formally training a new generation of sake sommeliers under his expert tutorage.