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School: Tadiama
Sake Educator: Lucie Ödéhn
Website: https://tadaima.nu/
Email: lucie@tadaima.nu
Social Media:  facebook  instagram  linkedin
Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier

Lucie’s goal is to help expose more of the western world to the joys of sake. Whether it’s food pairing or casual drinking, she hopes to make sake less of a mystery, and more enjoyable to all.

Lucie’s love of wine led to her earning the WSET Level 3 Certificate in Wines and Spirits 2011. Her love of Japan led to her obtaining the WSET 3 Award in Sake 2018, and later becoming the first accredited SSA Sake Educator in Sweden.

She has extensive work experience from leading positions in hospitality in Sweden. She has done sake work professionally at several Asian Fusion restaurants in Sweden including: Toso, vRå, and Cheri-Lee. She also has working experience from the restaurant industry in Tokyo.



Tadiama aims to bring sake appreciation & understanding to students across Sweden! Through a range of Sake Sommelier courses and sake tasting events, students can come and enjoy this wondrous drink!