About Us


Sake Sommelier Academy – A Gateway to International Sake Expertise


The Sake Sommelier Academy has been engaged in Japanese sake education in the UK for more than a decade and is now widely recognised as ‘the’ authority for sake in Europe.


We strive to promote global education, awareness and appreciation of Japanese sake and to increase opportunities for students to learn the rich cultural history of sake. Another aim is to increase demand and consumption of Japanese sake on a global scale. We are the only organisation offering the Sake Sommelier qualification in the world, and we have a network of people who are passionate about sake from all over the world.


Apart from the international sake courses, we have been organising the London Sake Challenge since 2012 and the Sake Sommelier of the Year since 2013. Both events are held annually, and whilst at the former event Sake Sommeliers act as judges of sakes gathered from around the world, the latter provides Sake Sommeliers with the opportunity to compete for the title of Sake Sommelier of the Year and to raise their profile.