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Learn the Art of Sake Making

The Master of Sake program is the first of its kind: offering a full, in brewery, education on how to become a sake brewer. Working with both traditional apprenticeships and high-level skills training, The Master of Sake is the perfect course to guide you into the
hardest-to-access parts of Japan’s sake production industry.

Our Students

This training will especially appeal to anyone with the ambition to open their own brewery either in Japan or abroad; or with dreams of becoming a brewer.

Our Modules and Our Aim

Students will spend 2 months in an intensive and immersive training environment; learning how to brew sake, in Japan, in both a practical and theoretical manner. Working as an apprentice to some of the best brewers and technicians in Japan, students will cover all aspects of this ancient craft.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the Master of Sake Qualification along with the accompanying lapel pin. They will also be entitled the use the post-nominals, MoS.

Booking Information

Registration is open!

The first Master of Sake will be taking place on the 15th January – 15th March 2022.

Places are priced at £5900 per person, which includes pre training with the SSA, full apprenticeship at the sake brewery and accommodation on site.

Spots on this boutique qualification are limited, so book soon! To receive more information please email or book below.

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