Master Sake Sommelier®

Master Sake Sommelier®         Master Sake Sommelier

The Pinnacle of Sake Service

The Master Sake Sommelier is the world’s highest sake sommelier qualification. Perfect for all students who believe they have what it takes to make themselves stand out on the world stage.

By gaining this qualification you will be able to demonstrate that you have deepened your level of expertise in this field to the furthest extent, and that your knowledge of Sake service is of the greatest standard.

This tailored, rigorous course consists of specialised modules and is taught and operated by the very best in the industry.

The high level of prior training necessary to be accepted onto the course ensures small classes that allow each student to receive unparalleled training. The Master Sake Sommelier welcomes students of any highly trained background, not only SSA Alumni, for those wishing to take their education to a level that other institutions cannot match.

The Master Sake Sommelier covers the fine-points of Sake etiquette, serving techniques, innovative food pairings and every intricacy of Sake service; with a special focus given to the art of buying & selling Sake. Many distinct kinds of Sake will be tasted during the day.

Successful candidates will receive their Master Sake Sommelier lapel pin and certificate as well as the right to use the post-nominals “M.S.S.”

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MSS Alumni

The Master Sake Sommelier program attracts some of the best & brightest in the World of Sake. Our alumni continue to shape and create innovation across the Food & Beverage industry with their fantastic skills. The Sake Sommelier Association is incredibly proud to showcase the following students as having earned the worlds highest sake qualification.

Adam Boggeri

Dagmar Kadlecová

Marcus V Pakiser

Matthieu Zellweger

Menno Tol

Adrian Seah

August Ong

Clement Lim

Chan Kah Hoo Kris

Janice Chi

Jonas Kellens

Jian Hao Ow Yang

Julien Alsoufi

Liu Jia Yi Wendy

Matthew Chan

Patrick Ang

Vincent Lee

Alejandro Escariz

Jean-Marc Dizerens

Fabio Ota

Guilherme De Macedo

Henrik Levinsen

Lorenzo Ferraboschi

Tommy Thommasen

Joshua Kalinan Sinnathamby

Philipp Reinstaller

Sean Ou

Sebastian Fun Zhong Chen

Danny Leong

Tack Wai Cheong

Charly Iten

Metodiyka Krumova Popova


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