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Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

The Advanced Sake Sommelier course takes place in Japan.

The Advanced Sake Sommelier offer a unique insider’s view of Japan by visiting carefully handpicked sake breweries in stunning suburban villages and beautiful traditional cities. You will be able to see & experience the authentic sake making processes under the guidance of the Tōji (the master brewer).

This course allows you to learn about this magical drink in depth and to discover places that aren’t in your ordinary guidebook. Enjoy this incredible country as a sake professional and culinary tourist at the same time – this course promises to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Our group is limited to a small number of people in order to ensure an intimate and interactive setting.


  • Unique first-hand experience of sake making with master Tōji
  • Visits to carefully-selected breweries across Japan
  • Explore parts of breweries and attractions that are not accesible to the average tourist
  • Tailored lectures by Japanese sake experts
  • Special sake evenings with brewers and specialists

The Advanced Sake Sommelier course is a registered trademark ®

The standard educational path for SSA Students is to earn their Certified Sake Sommelier qualification before embarking on the Advanced Sake Sommelier course – in order to ensure they have a thorough knowledge of sake.

However, the SSA strongly believes in flexible learning, as every student is unique. We therefore welcome students who wish to join the Advanced Sake Sommelier course first to witness how Sake is made in Japan and engage in the authentic culture; before studying for the Certified Sake Sommelier course.


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