Advanced Sake Sommelier

Advanced Sake Sommelier®

Immerse yourself in the terroir of sake.

The Advanced Sake Sommelier course is hosted in Japan. The course offers you an insider’s view of Japan and the sake brewer’s life throughout a period of intensive and immersive stay at one of our handpicked partner breweries, located in a picturesque village or one of Japan’s beautiful traditional cities.
The main objective of the course is to understand the sake making process through Japanese culture, climate, and history. Students will experience and learn the authentic sake-making processes, under the guidance of the Toji (the head sake brewer).
We assure you a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience.


  • Unique first-hand experience of sake making with Tōji, the head sake brewer.
  • Visit and learn an insider’s perspective of how a sake brewery operates, with one of our esteemed partner breweries – see parts of a sake brewery that are not usually accessible to outsiders!
  • Experience the various steps necessary to make sake first hand, including Kojimuro.
  • Exclusive lectures from local sake specialists.
  • Online pre-training included.


Successful candidates will receive their Advanced Sake Sommelier Certificate and lapel pin, as well as the right to use the post-nominals of “Advanced Sake Sommelier”.

Pre-requisite Qualification

All students on the Advanced Sake Sommelier course must have first earned the Certified Sake Sommelier® qualification, in order to fully benefit from the Advanced course syllabus.

Cohort Sizes

The Advanced Sake Sommelier is offered as a personal and intensive course.
As such the course is designed for one student, and takes place in a single sake brewery – to ensure they get a full, in-depth, understanding of how that brewery operates. Students can participate in the course flexibly according to their own calendar.

If you desire a larger group for the course, please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate more students together – please note that this may result in visiting multiple sake breweries, in order to not overwhelm our brewery partners.

The Advanced Sake Sommelier course is a registered trademark ®


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