Master of Sake ®


Excellence Beyond Compare

(Course in Preparation)

The Master of Sake program, similar to the Master of Wine, will be the world’s sake leading qualification. This unsurpassed three-year tailor-made course is designed to guide your sake education experience to its peak. The Master of Sake is the most prestigious, comprehensive, and hands-on Sake course. While taking this unique program, you will be immersed in every aspect of the world of sake in painstaking detail, hosted throughout a variety of different learning environments.

Our Students

The Master of Sake is suitable for those within the wine and spirits industry seeking to master their knowledge and all encompassing sake training experience, enhancing their ability beyond all others in the field. With this qualification your future clients will not only recognise you as a leading authority in the world of sake, heightening your professional career to new dimensions, but will also grant you a wealth of wonderful memories as you live and breathe sake in its homeland.

Our Modules and Our Aim

The Highlight of the course consists of an immersion in Japanese culture, where you will benefit from a work apprenticeship at an authentic Japanese brewery. Modules include an opportunity to work in a Japanese restaurant and in a fine wine & sake shop, as well the how to learn and understand rice cultivation.

Alongside including these highly specialised units taught and run by the industry’s finest talents, the course will be supported by a multitude of comprehensive online resources.

Course Requirements

Students of the course will be given freedom over which dates best suit them for their placements as well as how to schedule their lectures and tutorials so that they may fit these in alongside working professionally and moving even closer towards their goal of becoming a Master of Sake.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have completed the Sake Sommelier Association’s Certified Sake Sommelier, Advanced Sake Sommelier and Master Sake Sommelier Course in order to be eligible to apply.

All candidates must be over the age of 18 years old.


Upon successful completion of the units, students will be awarded the Master of Sake Qualification along with the accompanying pin.

They will also be entitled the use the post-nominals, MOS.


Lengh of Programme

The course will take a minimum of 3 years studying (including placements in Japan).

Candidates must achieve a minimum grade of 60% in each unit for that year before they can to progress to the next stage of the programme.

The full programme must be completed within 5 years of the start date.

Students will be allowed to select dates suitable for their placements and classes so that they may fit with their pre-existing schedule.