Master Sake Sommelier

The Pinnacle of Sake Service

The Master Sake Sommelier is suitable for those wishing to take their career in the Sake industry to the next level. By gaining this qualification you will be able to demonstrate that you have gained the highest level of expertise in this field and that your knowledge of Sake is of the greatest standard.

This one day course consists of specialised modules taught and operated by the very best in the industry. Whilst on the course, you will learn the culture of Sake etiquette, serving techniques, innovative food pairing and understand the importance of elegance and every intricacy of sake service.

You will experience a restaurant scenario, and have the chance to taste 70 different kinds of sake.

Entry Requirements for Applicants:

This course requires applicants to have the Certified Sake Sommelier qualification. We will also welcome other qualified Sake experts who want to further their skills with the Master Sake Course so long as they hold WSET Level 3, SSI International Kikisakeshi or J.S.A. Sake Diploma International. It is not compulsory to pass The Advanced Sake Sommelier course to attend the Master Sake Sommelier course but it is highly recommended. (The Advanced Sake Sommelier course is a unique first-hand experience of Sake making with toji in Japan).

General Information:

Next Course Date:

Wednesday 21th November 2018 9AM – 6PM

Price: £800

Exclusive £750 offers to UK students who have completed the Certified Sake Sommelier  Course.

Bookings now open

 All candidates must be over the age of 18 years old.