Master Sake Sommelier

The pinnacle of sake service

The Master Sake Sommelier is the preeminent sake-service industry qualification. This is a two year tailor-made course that will focus all of its energy and attention in making sure you are able to achieve the very highest ability and skill to ensure your every success in this field.

Our Attendees

The Master Sake Sommelier is suitable for those wishing to take their career in the wines and spirits industry to the next plateau. By achieving this qualification you will be able to indicate to your customers that you have gained the highest level of training and both your knowledge and ability with regards to sake is of the greatest standard.

What makes our courses truly unique is that they are tailor-made to your requirements. We understand that while one may wish to further their professional development it is not always possible with regards to scheduling. The Master Sake Sommelier will endeavour to find a time frame that works for you and shall see that all of the benefits of this wonderful course are taken advantage of.

Our Units and Our Aim

The Master Sake Sommelier is the most comprehensive taught sake service course in the world. While taking this unique course, you will learn the importance of elegance, culture of sake etiquette, and every intricacy of sake service imaginable.

The course includes specialised units taught and operated by the very best in the industry. These units will mould your training so that every aspect of the sake-service industry is catered to, including; serving techniques, sake history, and production methods.

To complete your experience you will be given the rare opportunity to gain valuable experience through work placements at both an authentic Japanese restaurant and a luxury fine wine and spirits shop within the heart of the capital.

Students of the course will be allowed to select which dates suit them for their placements and when they would like to attended the classes so that they may fit in with their schedule all the while moving closer towards their goal of mastering the world of sake. Our educators will be on hand and will do their upmost to aid you in your journey.

Entry Requirements

We require that all candidates must first complete both our Certified Sake Sommelier and Advanced Sake Sommelier before applying for the Master Sake Sommelier Course.

All candidates must be over the age of 18 years old.