With more than 1,000 Sake Sommelier Alumni from across the world, many have gone on to hold top positions throughout the beverage industry.

From winning titles; Best Sommelier of the World (Gérard Basset, class of 2009) Sake Sommelier of the Year (, class of 2015), (Joshua Kalinan, class of 2011) to drinks purchasing for the Jason Atherton group (Laure Patry, class of 2009) and judging international competitions (Christine Parkinson class of 2010) becoming a Sake Sommelier opens the door to many new opportunities and experiences.
Some leave so inspired they go on to create their own sake related companies such as Maximilian Fritzsch CEO of Tokuri, Germany (class of 2013) and Oliver Hilton-Johnson founder of Tengu Sake (class of 2011).