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School OSAKE Belgium
Sake Educator Frédéric Habay
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Courses Run Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier

Frédéric Habay, Sake Educator and founder of HNadvice SPRL (OSAKE Belgium) – a company specialising in importing Japanese Junmai sake into Belgium. Frederic works alongside Cathy Carême-Yamada, a Sake Sommelier and owner of the restaurant Les Saveurs de Yamada.

Osake is the commercial arm of HNadvice … and HNadvice is above all sake!
Japanese Sake selected by experts. Each product tells it’s own story and has a unique aromatic & taste signature.

HNadvice offers an exclusive range in France and French-speaking countries; works to build a strong relationships with our Japanese brewers; and focusses on the quality and ethics of our products (as well as providing a touch of good humour).