Sake Sommelier Academy®  Croatia

Sake Sommelier Croatia

School: Suwine
Sake Educator: Suwi Zaltic
Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier

If you are hungry for knowledge and want to find new, high-quality tastings, exciting and premium events, Suwine is the right choice for you! Your platform for success in order to be able to continuously educate yourself and gain experience. Always be “up to date” and experience exciting insider knowledge. Here is your chance for exclusive tastings, specialist seminars at the highest level or use our consulting for restaurants, winegrowers and wine trade. Suwine offers many opportunities to expand your network.

Whatever your goal, with Suwine, you are one step closer. “Your personal successline”; is our message because your personal success, combined with your enjoyment, is our mission.

Suwi has long and impressive career as a sommelier, with highlights such as: Best Sommelier of Austria 2014 | Ambassador of Champagne 2015/2016 | Vineus Sommelier of the Year 2016.