France Bordeaux
Sake Sommelier Academy  France Bordeaux

Chloe Cazaux Grandpierre created Otsukimi in 2017 and is proud to have launched the first Bordeaux and South West Japanese Sake School run by the only one French woman Saké Educator of the SSA.

Chloé participated several times to the Saké Challenge in London, is the jury at Kura Master and is also a member of UDSF (Union of the French sommelier). Chloé has several diplomas in wine: made in Bordeaux, she is working in the wine business for several years with sommeliers, Châteaux and tourism offices as she has her own agency.

Otsukimi is only about Japanese saké : sales and promotions, seasonal Master Class and education for professionals and privates.

Otsukimi is the name of the full moon festival in Japan which announces the beginning of the rice harvests and so the creation of the next nihonshu. During Otsukimi it’s very poetic to drink a little glass of saké with the reflection of the moon in it. So you can become a “Buveurs de Lune” – a “Moon drinker”. Moreover, Bordeaux is called the “moon harbor” : it was a natural link between Bordeaux and Nihonshu !