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Sake Educator

France – Bordeaux

School: Ostukimi / IBSM Wine School
Sake Educator: Chloe Grandpierre
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Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier


Chloe Cazaux Grandpierre created Otsukimi in 2017 and is proud to have launched the first Bordeaux and French South-West Japanese Sake School run by the only one female French Saké Educator at the SSA.

Chloé participated several times in the London Sake Challenge, as a judge at Kura Master and is also a member of UDSF (Union of the French sommelier). Chloé has several diplomas in wine: made in Bordeaux, she has been working in the wine business for several years with sommeliers, Châteaux and tourism offices.


IBSM Wine School is located in the heart of Bordeaux, one of the world wine capitals. The school offers international training, specialized in trade between Asia and Europe. We focus on training offering marketing and tourism in wine & spirits; as well as short courses in tasting and knowledge of wine, sake and spirits.