Turkey – Istanbul

Sake Educator

Istanbul – Turkey

School Oenotrian Wine, Spirits and Sake School
Sake Educator Agostina Da Cunha and Turgut Tokgoz
Website https://oenotrian.com/
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Courses Run Introductory Sake Professional

A true nomad born in the Argentinean pampas, Agostina lived in all 5 continents before she settled down in Istanbul. After studying for diplomacy and completing an MBA, she spent the last 12 years managing a publishing house that helps countries develop successful branding campaigns to attract industry-specific investments.

As a true Argentinean, wine has always been on the table for her. Today she is WSET Level 3 Wines & Spirits Certified and is determined to pour her communications, marketing and traveling passion to bring out the wine-lover in you. She is also a Certified Sake Educator from the Sake Sommelier Association.

Turgut Tokgoz has had a distinguished and senior career for nearly 30 years in investment banking and NGO management. His life-long passion for wine led him to attain the WSET Diploma and the CMS Introductory Sommelier and the WSG Rhone Master Level Certificates. He is also a WSET certified wine and spirits educator and is a Certified Sake Educator from the Sake Sommelier Association. He serves as the founding President of the Turkish Society of Wine Experts and Educators.

Oenotrian Wine, Spirits and Sake School was established in 2014 and it currently operates out of Istanbul, Turkey.

If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital – Napoleon Bonaparte.