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Sake Sommelier Academy®  Mexico

Sake Educator


School Sake Sommelier – Mexico
Sake Educator Francisco Gonzalez Romero
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Courses Run Introductory Sake Professional and Certified Sake Sommelier
Territory Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama

During his decade long professional career in the alcoholic beverage industry; Francisco “Paco” Gonzalez Romero has worked especially with fermented beverages, specializing in communication & consumer service, leading sensory experiences and training.
He has been an international beer judge in more than 10 countries, and is the Mexican judge with the most international experience.

Certified Sake Sommelier and Educator with the Sake Sommelier Association; Beersommelier by Doemens Academy; Unionbirrai Beer Taster; he also has other certifications as a beer and mead judge.

He currently works as a teacher, consultant, judge and ambassador for Sake Sommelier Mexico, Beer Paradise and other groups.

Sake Sommelier – Mexico are the Central American representatives of the Sake Sommelier Association. Offering the SSA’s two leading courses, the Introductory Sake Professional and the Certified Sake Sommelier, to students across Central America. Sake Sommelier – Mexico are based in Mexico and often work closely with the NAMI sake brewery, also based in Mexico. Outside of Mexico, there are bases to study with in Panama and Costa Rica.