Radim Pasak

Sake Educator: Radim Pasak

Radim spent over a decade in a five-star hospitality environment but his passion for craft beverage led him to his current job as a Cider Maker at Hawkes, London’s only commercial cidery, where he has been working for the last four years.

On countless trips to Japan and its breweries, Radim became fascinated by Sake culture, history and production methods. Radim is always keen to learn more about this fantastic beverage. Radim holds the SSA Certified Sake Sommelier, SSA Sake Educator, Certified Sake Professional and WSET Level 3 Award in Sake qualifications. He was invited and judged Sake at IWC 2020.

Radim’s other passions include cooking, culinary fermentation, making Koji and home brewing Sake.