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Sake Educator


School Jiji Sake
Sake Educator Giulia Maglio
Website https://www.jijisake.com/
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Courses Run Introductory Sake Professional, Certified Sake Sommelier

Giulia Maglio was born and raised in Italy and moved to Japan in 2015. From then she worked in the tourism industry focusing on Japanese food culture and sake. She first studied sake with the SSI and received her 利酒師, or Kikizakeshi, diploma in Japanese. Focusing on spreading the knowledge of this Japanese ambrosia, she then started hosting tastings and doing lectures about sake. Giulia then received the Certified Sake Professional (CSP) diploma recognized by the Sake Education Council. Thirsty for knowledge she worked at Itakura Shuzo, a sake brewery located in the Shimane Prefecture. Now being a Sake Educator, she really cannot wait to share her passion and love for Japanese sake.

Jiji Sake was founded by Giulia with the goal of sharing her passion for Japan, sake and food. At Jiji Sake, Giulia runs sake courses and tastings that will make her customers feel confident about sake. Jiji Sake also has carefully selected and authentic Japanese pottery and kimono items to complete your craving for Japan.