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Sake Sommelier Academy®  United States of America – Denver / Online

Sake Educator

United States of America – Denver / Online

School SakeVerse
Sake Educator Adam Boggeri
Website https://www.sakeverse.com/
Social Media instargram
Courses Run Introductory Sake Professional & Certified Sake Sommelier

Adam Boggeri was born and raised in an Italian household where food and culinary traditions played a central role in family life. Growing up in the Bay Area, he was immersed in Japanese culture and developed a keen interest in sake from a young age. Adam’s commitment to expanding his knowledge led him to become a multi-board Certified Sake Sommelier (SSA, WSET, SSI, SEC). Leveraging his previous tenure as the Global Training and Development Manager at a Bay Area startup, and driven by his background and passion for sake education, he created SakeVerse, the world’s first online platform aimed at demystifying and popularizing sake knowledge.

SakeVerse is your gateway to everything sake. As the first online platform dedicated specifically to the education and certification of Japanese Sake, our goal is to make understanding this subject both easy and accessible to everyone. Our unique, self-paced learning model is tailored to accommodate any schedule. Whether you’re a novice just starting out or a seasoned professional seeking certification, we offer flexible courses, comprehensive content, and immersive virtual tastings suitable for all levels. SakeVerse is not just about learning—it’s about exploring and enjoying the rich culture of sake. We invite you to join us on this journey and step into the SakeVerse.