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Sake Sommelier Academy®  United States of America – Washington DC

Sake Educator

United States of America – Washington DC

School: Capital Sake
Sake Educator: Louie Anne Batac-Nguyen
Website: https://www.capitalsake.com/
Email: louieanne@thesakemom.com
Social Media: facebook  instagram  linkedin
Courses Run: Introductory Sake Professional


Raised in Japan for most of her childhood, Louie Anne has always had a deep appreciation for Japanese culture. She began her sake journey as a contributing writer to Tippsy Sake and fell in love with sake so much that she started an events company called “The Sake Mom.” She chose the name as a celebration of her two loves–motherhood/family life and a sake-centric lifestyle, and shares the beauty of sake through private events and unique collaborations. Louie Anne is a Certified Sake Sommelier, Sake Scholar and beverage director for 29 Omakase in Georgetown, Washington. She lives with her husband and their two daughters in Northern Virginia, and while she is still known as “Sake Mom,” she looks forward to her rebranded company, Capital Sake, continuing the mission to grow the sake community in the capital region.

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